Meet the Students – CHONG KAH YEE (鍾嘉怡)

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Master’s Program of Environmental Education

Hi! I’m Maddy, I am currently studying Master of Environmental Education in NTNU. This is my fifth year in Taiwan. Each year in Taiwan, I have gained a lot of valuable insights and experiences, especially these two years in NTNU.

The reason I choose to further my master’s here is because the graduate institute of Environmental Education at NTNU was the first school for EE in Taiwan. The professors here are very experienced and experts in their fields. Their enthusiasm and the way they lead by example has really inspired me to find my passion in environmental education.

Most of our courses are fun and meaningful, as we have a lot of opportunities to practice the theories, take environmental actions and reflect at the same time. I have gotten to know many professionals through the courses too; they have given me greater insights and I have a clearer vision of myself in the future now. My life purpose is to make the world better through environmental education.

I love my classmates too. Each of them has so many different skills and professions that always inspire me. We learn from each other, and have a lot of fun together at the same time. Out of courses, we have also planned and led many outdoor activities, planted vegetables on rooftop, and even climbed the highest peak in Taiwan together.

I have really enjoyed my studies here. I know I will definitely miss this place a lot after I complete my thesis and return to my country. But these experiences and connections I gained here will stick with me forever and ultimately inspired me to work harder.