Study Abroad Programs

Would you like to learn abroad? Good for you!

A learning abroad experience gives you the opportunity to connect and work with other students, professionals and professors from diverse cultural backgrounds and can help you to develop global fluency.

Discover the many ways to study, research, and gain practical experience abroad

As a College of Science, National Taiwan Normal University student you have the exciting opportunity to see the world by participating in an international exchange, all while earning credits towards your degree.

With  partner institutions in over 40+ countries, there are endless possibilities to gain international experience and global citizenship before you graduate.

Outbound Student exchange Program

Please check the following information for more details.

  • University- Level
    With 140+ partner universities providing various learning opportunities.

  • College-Level
    ➡️Faculty of Forestry/ Faculty of Arts/ Faculty of Science, The University of British Columbia, Canada.
    ➡️Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,  University of Cologne, Germany.

  • Department -Level
    Department of Mathematics, NTNU. ➡️ Department of Mathematical Engineering, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes, France.
    Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, NTNU ➡️ Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Visiting Student Program is an opportunity for students to broaden their learning experience and supplement the programs at their home institutions by studying aboard. Student can visit other university to get credits for 1 semester to 2 semesters. (* Student have to finish the application process of NTNU before study aboard, and cover all the expenses.)

Please check the OIA website  for more details.​

Dual degree program involves a student’s working for two different university degrees in parallel, either at the same institution or at different institutions (sometimes in different countries), completing them in less time than it would take to earn them separately.

The two degrees might be in the same subject area (especially when the course is split between countries), or in two different subjects. NTNU offers various dual degree programs listed below.

Going abroad for 1 to 8 weeks can provide you with an enriching personal experience and similar professional benefits in a flexible timeframe. Explore the different possibilities!

Check the lastest news to get more information about short-term programs.

The division of International Teacher Education. 🖥

Division of International Teacher Education is in charge of the International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate (IBEC) program at NTNU. All of the four focuses of the program are officially recognized by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Pre-service teachers who are interested in IB education, international education, bilingual education are welcomed to take the IBEC as an affiliated program to their Teacher Education Program. Division of International Teacher Education,also in conjunction with central and local government education bureaus, teacher training centers of other universities and colleges, and junior and senior high schools in the nation, as well as academic research offices, conducts research on effective ways to improve our secondary education and further elborate alumni’s professional knowledge.

Enrich your university experience, experience new cultures and get an official certification at a same time.  NTNU Students can get a Certification of Global Footprint Program with 6 credits from partner university and and 10 credits from NTNU.

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