Our Team

Mr. Shang-Pu Qian - Secretary

  • Coordinator of college affairs
  • Integration of college affairs
  • Integration of department affairs
  • College faculty recruitment, evaluation, and promotion
  • Other Assignments

Ms. Li-Han Wang - Senior Administrative Officer

  • Curriculum Committee, Academic Development Committee, Supervisor Meeting, Teacher Education Committee.
  • College-level course teaching assistants and cross-domain course teaching assistants.
  • Off campus awards Affairs.
  • Center for Cloud Computing.
  • Alumni Affairs.
  • College’s featured research team.
  • Dean’s itinerary management and other assignments.

Ms. Chin-Hsin Chuang - Senior Administrative Officer

  • Program Coordinator
  • College-level international related affairs
  • College-level exchange/ visit student program
  • Alumni relations
  • Other Assignments

Ms. Chih-Jui Pai - Project Staff

  • Executing Higher Education Sprout Project
  • Application for Students to Go Abroad and Short-term Visit of International Scholars 
  • Executing Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)
  • The Entry of Academic Center
  • Other Assignments

Ms. Ting-I Yeh - Bilingual Education Assistant

  • Handle the business related to the bilingual learning plan for students in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education.
  • English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) department and teacher contact person.
  • Assist in the planning of EMI courses and related activities of various departments.
  • Assist departments in hiring and training EMI-related teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Compilation of EMI course related materials.
  • Cooperate with the school to implement various performance indicators and strategic plans of EMI.
  • Expenses write-off and other temporary assignments.

Ms. Tsai-Yu Tseng - Senior Administrative Officer

  • Update College webpage & Facebook information
  • Accounting affairs
  • Electronic marquee
  • Other Assignments

Ms. Shu-Chen Cheng - General Services Staff

  • College documents and letters delivery
  • College cleaning affairs and utilities management
  • Help reception, telephone answering
  • Other Assignments