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Bachelor’s Degree of Mathematics

This is my final year to study in Taiwan as a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. I started studying in Taiwan at September,2016. At that time, I was looking forward to studying in NTNU since it’s a famous university in Taiwan for education and I really want to be a teacher in secondary school. But I was a little uneasy for leaving my hometown and starting my new life in Taiwan. Looking back on my university life, I have tried my best for the things which I am not familiar with.

 For my first year, I studied hardly after hearing the rumor about “ 1/3 of students in Degree in Mathematics cannot graduate within four years” and I am regarding for not participating in any clubs or activities now . At that time, I am not good at Mandarin Chinese and I cannot read the name of the dishes on the menu clearly in Mandarin Chinese. ‘Well, your Chinese are really bad’, ‘I can only understand 20% for your Chinese you’ve spoken’ said by classmates and friends from Hong Kong. After hearing that, I started studying Mandarin Chinese hardly and I was glad for some local Taiwanese think I can speak Chinese fluently like them recently.

I think I was crazy that I have completed 54 credits during my second year. I went to school for studying from 9 to 8 during weekdays and studied at home or library even weekends. But…. is that the U-life that I really wanted? I think my answer was negative. So, I started sightseeing in many places in Taiwan like Keelung and Kaohsiung with my friends in Degree in Mathematics during my third year.

After that, I wanted to know about the U-life in Japan, so I tried applying to Yamaguchi University(YU) as an incoming visiting student. Finally, I went to YU as an NTNU College of Science incoming visiting student at Augest,2019 . I really enjoyed the days in YU and I was appreciated for having the chance to studying in Japan.  After backed to Taiwan, I was having the research for the education in Taiwan and was writing learning plans for the six months internship as a practice teacher in high school. However, my internship in in high school was canceled due to the coronavirus.

 I never regret for my U-life for studying aboard in Taiwan since I have met lots of friends and experienced lots of things in Taiwan. I will never forget my U-life for studying aboard in Taiwan. Thanks everyone that I met in Taiwan and NTNU.

私が国立台湾師範大学に入学してから、早くも4年が経とうとしています。2016年9月、私は留学生として、憧憬と不安を持って台湾に来ました。その時、先生に憧れている私は台湾を代表する教育大学の国立台湾師範大学が期待していました。一方、地元を離れ新しい環境で生活していけるかなど本当に不安でいっぱいでした。私の大学生活を振り返ってみると、苦手なこと、嫌なことにも挑戦した 4 年間だったと思います。



そして、私は「大学卒業前に日本の大学に留学したい!」と思いたち、師範大学の「赴外訪問」の制度を利用して、2019年の8月ころ、理学部の赴外訪問生として、日本の山口大学に短期留学しました。日本での生活は毎日が充実していて本当に夢のような期間でしました!台湾に帰った後、6 週間にわたり中学校で教育実習をよく準備するために、ほぼ毎日も台湾の数学科友達と学習指導案を書きながら,教材の内容が深く理解できたりしています。残念ながら、今年の3月ころ、学校は新型コロナウイルス感染予防のため、私たちの教育実習は中止されました。